A day in the life of Mike Nixon…


August 22, 2016

My average morning consists of…

After nearly 8 years at ABDA I am still not surprised at the variety of different day types I have, typically being in business development means being out visiting existing and new clients, prospective projects and live sites being worked on by our project team. So a day in the office is not the norm for me. My day starts (after the usual early morning protracted negotiations with a 4 year old son) by travelling, as a business that covers the UK this can be some distance either by car or our rail network (fingers usually crossed that it runs on time). Our client generally dictates the meeting times so google maps is a valuable resource to estimate travel time with the obligatory coffee stop! Modern technology means that emails can be dealt with on the go ensuring I keep in regular contact with my colleagues, clients and suppliers. Given the type of project work we complete site meetings can be quite in-depth with client discussions, surveys and the occasional poke around ceiling voids and cellars.

Office curve balls and adhoc tasks…

Many! Whether it is dealing with suppliers and negotiating prices, sorting technical queries or discussing marketing strategy and planning exhibition stands and of course discussing the future sales pipeline with the management team, this can take place whilst on the move so a readily available pen and pad is always to hand.

What’s on the menu for lunch?…

Those that know me know that food is especially important to me, no longer quantity but quality, working in the hospitality industry means I get the opportunity to eat with clients in their own establishments which in most cases is a treat. If that isn’t the order of the day then a Mark and Spencer service station wrap or salad and coffee suffices.

Afternoons top 3 tasks…

1- Briefing my design team colleagues on new projects

2- Preparing project cost schedules

3 – Responding to clients

Oh and the usual early evening protracted negotiations with a 4 year old son…..!!

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