Interior design trends…Then and now


June 15, 2016

Interior design trends are evolving all the time and it’s extremely important for us as a business to stay ahead of the game, to continuously deliver excellence in every project we are involved with.

Design is extremely important from a functionality view point as well as aesthetically. We caught up with our Design Manager, Richard Steade, to share his views.

What trends are currently popular… 

Scandinavian inspired interiors and FF&E are very much on trend and have been for some time now, growing in popularity due to their simplicity and flexibility, particularly with bright bold features as a centre point that catch the eye.

Darker richer tones are becoming more and more popular in recent projects with green and blue hues still dominating a lot of what we see in the press, Farrow and Ball have distilled this trend with their new colours.

Another style which is on trend is quite simply nature, use of plants and trees within interiors is becoming widespread despite the upkeep and maintenance which led them to declining in popularity previously. Natural greens, browns, yellows and other earthy colours are also becoming popular as well as beautiful bold prints such as those by Cole & Son.

Slowing trends…

We haven’t really seen a slowing of trends in recent times as much as trends evolving and combining with one another. Urban and vintage being the most popular still. There will always be innovation in the market. Designers are natural problem solvers and innovation is a designer’s primary tool, it is our job and responsibility to capture the trends, package them into a functional design, and provide breath taking solutions.

The evolution and creativity of interior design is never static, as new materials and technologies become available, designers are poised to take advantage in new and innovative ways.

Older trends making the comeback….

The 1980’s and post modernism are certainly inspiring a lot of new interiors we are seeing. We have  number of clients aim to achieve this look and feel in their interiors. Lots of whites, blacks and the use of colours. Those interiors are often quite minimalist and contain some Scandinavian influence.

We are also seeing use of strong pattern synonymous with North African nations which reflects modern multi-cultural tastes particularly in the hospitality and leisure industry….Richard Steade (01604 770686) is available to discuss design needs or discuss the above.

For design inspiration and to learn more about our latest projects, contact us on 01604 770686…

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