ABDA Visit Unox Factory in Padua, Italy

Angela O'Donnell

October 2, 2017

Last week Gary Mackness our Projects Director and Stephen Ryan in our Business Development team visited the Unox manufacturing plant in Padua, Italy.

We were invited to tour the site in order to affirm our belief that Unox are a market leading oven manufacturer – as well as educating us further on the potential uses and features of the ovens.

As expected, the trip exceeded our expectations. An impressive headquarters with state of the art factories around it supporting the manufacture of a high quality product – from the handles to the screws that keep it altogether, we saw everything!

A particular highlight was seeing the oven demonstration, showing off a range of items being cooked including salmon fillets, smoked and cooked in one oven, as well as ribs that were to die for!

The level of customer support that Unox provide was one of the key points that we took away from the visit. Their willingness to listen to customers and adapt and change constantly, as well as being set up to do so, gives us confidence when specifying Unox products to our clients.

Unox demonstrated their commitment to ‘lean’ production methods in their manufacturing process, where the ultimate aim is to reduce waste within the process.  And by manufacturing their own components they also secure the supply chain and gain continuity of quality and cost savings, which are passed onto the customer.

Our overall impression was that Unox are an innovation-led business, who heavily re-invest in their products and operations. Product training and support is very important to them and we are keen to see this in action the future.

One word of warning – don’t have anything to eat for a few days before you visit them, as even Stephen couldn’t get through all of the fantastic food. Incredible hosts to boot!

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