The hotels and bars of 2021

ABDA created a conceptual design showing what a hotel bar would look like if it incorporated 2021 trends. We found seven key words really summed up what we expect to see more
of in designs. These were:

• Community
• Sustainability
• Experiential
• Escapism
• Tech
• Adaptability
• Bold

When it comes to changes to hotel and bar design in 2021, we predict we will see a lot more touchless technology. It is also expected that consumers will want a higher use of microbial fabric with hard services which are easier to clean. Future designs will need to be adaptable as COVID has highlighted that most industries and sectors were not pandemic proof.

Flexibility is going to be absolutely key so businesses are ready to adapt to whatever situation may be thrown at them. COVID has made people more aware of what they put in their bodies and emphasis on healthy options is more important than ever. With households feeling the pinch, going out is going to become much more of a treat and consumers are going to be looking at the overall experience so it is much more memorable.

Consumers are also expected to crave that feeling of bringing the outside inside as this is known to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. This can be achieved through adding more plants, using wildlife prints or natural materials so people feel closer to nature.

Once hospitality is fully re-open the appetite for this sector is going to be huge. Make sure you are ready to capture that excitement and interest in your restaurant, bar, café, hotel, garden centre, staff restaurant, event catering or school meals service in a post-pandemic world.

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