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March 8, 2019

Working at ABDA has proved to be a very positive journey for Operations Manager, Carlisle Hartley. Joining the team back in 2014, Carlisle has thoroughly developed her knowledge of the industry through this role which requires her to work alongside different departments every day to ensure that all projects run accordingly.

We sat down with Carlisle for a little chinwag to find out exactly what goes off being ABDA’s Operations Manager…

What’s the scope of your role at ABDA?

My role at ABDA is really varied, which is what keeps it exciting and interesting for me. No two projects run the same way and I learn something new on every project I work on which means I’m able to constantly broaden my knowledge of the foodservice industry. Generally, I work closely with several departments from the sales team, designers, project manager and accountant, as well as our manufacturers, suppliers and clients in order to achieve the best results possible. I’m also responsible for the full co-ordination and smooth running of projects which means I’m involved from the costing stages at the start all the way through to handover on completion of the project. I’m even involved with any service issues that may arise during the warranty period, so my role is a very busy one.

What have your biggest challenges/career highlights been at ABDA?

The answer to biggest challenges and career highlights for me is the same, which was taking on the Operations Manager role. When I first started this job, it was quite challenging for me but extremely satisfying once my confidence grew and I realised that I could do it which was a huge highlight. Another highlight of working at ABDA is definitely the relationships I’ve established and built with people across the industry and our clients. I’ve met some truly amazing people who have taught me so much and made my job so enjoyable which is fantastic.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the ABDA team?

The ABDA team is a family – we all work hard and most importantly we rely on each other to get the job done in the right way. I can ask any member of the team for help with a project and they will take the time to help because everyone works towards achieving the same result. What’s also great about working with such a wonderful bunch of people is that we all have fun outside of work with team outings. Everyone gets on with each other and the relationships I’ve built with my colleagues is priceless.

Carlisle was recently shortlisted for the CEDA ‘Rising Star’ Award 2019, ahead of the CEDA Grand Prix Awards ceremony which will take place in April. If you have any questions or require any support with your next project, you can reach Carlisle via her email at carlisle.hartley@abdadesign.co.uk


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