Meet the Team: Claire


February 12, 2019

For our Project Consultant, Claire Smith, no two days at ABDA are ever the same. From visiting a museum gallery one day to a large office complex the next, Claire’s role takes her to some interesting places.

We caught up with Claire to find out what the start of 2019 has brought her…

Where has this week taken you and what exciting projects are on the horizon at ABDA right now?

Since returning to the office for 2019 I have been looking at completing further project work for some of our existing clients. Our photographer and I paid a visit to British Sugar, which was a recently completed project and also met with a new client to discuss an exciting new restaurant concept.

Over the next few months, the team will be working on the completion of a range of fantastic projects spread across different sectors, including the new kitchen at Kyubi for The Arts Club and a brand new staff restaurant for a large financial company.

What’s the most exciting part of your role?

Travelling around and meeting different people and seeing some really unusual and interesting places. I am really fortunate that no two days are ever the same – I can be visiting a museum or gallery one day, then the next a large office complex or school. Over the years I have worked with some amazing clients and have also been able to visit places I wouldn’t have the opportunity to in order to visit clients, for example, The Arts Club.

What I really enjoy is working with small independent businesses. This allows me to work with someone closely along their journey from securing their premises right until opening day.    

What hospitality design trends are on your radar currently?

Keeping up with ever-changing trends is also a big part of my role and in foodservice, there is still a big lean towards flexibility. Dining and working habits have changed so much over the past five to ten years, meaning caterers have had to adapt service to suit flexible working hours and a more fluid way of dining.

There are some really exciting concepts out on the high street – I really love Daisy Green, especially their new Little Green site near Regent Street, London. It’s nice to see people moving away from the stark industrial trend that has been around for a long time now.

From creating innovative project concepts to keeping up with new trends and visiting exciting sites, Claire can provide valuable expertise on foodservice and interior design. To find out more about how she can help you, get in touch at claire.smith@abdadesign.co.uk.


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