Meet the Team – David


September 23, 2019

David Hones is Senior Catering Designer at ABDA, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge. Since joining ABDA two years ago, David has excelled in his design concept work. 

Previously, David worked for Nelson Catering Equipment as a Lead Designer on a multitude of kitchen and bar projects, for a variety of sites from small venues to prestigious restaurants with world-renowned chefs. Since then, he has used his creative flair for designing commercial kitchen and hospitality environments with ABDA. 


What have been your most challenging/exciting projects over the past year?

We have had a very busy year in terms of catering design projects. I think the most exciting project we’ve had would be redesigning the Kyubi restaurant at the iconic Arts Club in London. The Arts Club was founded in 1863, for those with professional or amateur relationships with the arts, literature and sciences, whose previous members include writers such as Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and Thomas Hughes. To this day it retains its iconic status. 

We have completed many projects of the past year for The Arts Club; working alongside consultant Trevor Jones we spent time reviewing the precise details of fabrication and cooking equipment plans with the Head Chef to ensure that the designs would allow him to deliver his intricate menu.

The main challenge on this project, aside from the level of detail was the nature of the building. The Arts Club have been located in their current Clubhouse in Mayfair since around 1900 and it has seen many updates, revisions and even partial rebuilds during the blitz. Given the history of the building, we had to constantly adapt to new constraints as they were discovered on site.


What hospitality design trends are on your radar for 2019?

As always with commercial kitchens, new technology has a big effect on kitchen designs. One particular trend we are seeing at the moment is an increase in cooking taking place in front of house server areas. This means manufacturers are designing smaller, faster ovens for quick cooking and specialist mobile extract systems. 


What do you enjoy most about being part of the ABDA team?

Since joining ABDA two years ago I have really appreciated working for such a professional company who consistently design and create really exciting hospitality environments. The Team at ABDA are great fun to work with and it creates a really enjoyable place to work.



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