Meet the Team – Rachael

Angela O'Donnell

May 31, 2019

From restaurants to breakout spaces, as Senior Interior Designer at ABDA, Rachael Sheldon understands the importance of an online presence plays within the modern day interior design field and applies this to her day-to-day work.

We caught up with Rachael to find out about current trends, exciting projects and being a part of the ABDA team…

1) What have been your most challenging / exciting projects over the past year?

In the past year, I have worked on a number of exciting interior design jobs, but what really sticks out for me was the development of the meeting rooms and breakout spaces for DoubleTree by Hilton in Manchester and Leeds. After the success of the restaurant developments for these sites, we were tasked with flourishing the company’s meeting rooms and communal areas.

Both of the sites took on their own design and ethos, allowing is to bring out the individual character. Part of this design brief was to develop the breakout space in order to make the areas more multifunctional, allowing it to be utilised for breakout, meetings and events.

2) What hospitality design trends are on your radar for 2019?

With social media playing such a vital part in today’s world, interior design now focuses creating key features that are photo-worthy, rather than sticking to any trends. Social media users, particularly on Instagram, are constantly on the lookout unique and quirky areas which would make a great addition to their profiles. Just one significant design feature can make for multiple references online and can work in tandem with other design practices to develop a social profile and buzz for the client.

3) What do you enjoy most about being part of the ABDA team?

ABDA is such a close-knit team and I believe that the key to our success is working together. We are all uniquely friends inside and outside of work and everyone has mutual respect for one another. I personally don’t think many other people could say they have all of this combined in their working environment.


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