Solihull School

Solihull School is an independent school for pupils aged 7 to 19 and during their latest development they wanted to create a more modernised and contemporary dining environment. The main aims were to put food at the forefront of the design and improve the experience front of house to increase throughput and reduce queuing time. Another key request from the client was to improve the acoustic ambience within the dining areas.

The client asked us to improve the current layout of the kitchen by defining different food preparation areas. They also wanted young people to feel proud about the food choices they were making and opt for healthy and nutritious items.

We considered the way the food was laid out and made the servery the centrepiece. This put the food in the spotlight and created more of a theatre dining experience like the food halls and courts many pupils enjoy eating in with their families. There are now four counters for pupils to choose from and this has significantly reduced waiting time. Our designers created a neutral colour scheme so that it was the food that stood out, rather than have a strong coloured décor that took the emphasis away from the menu items.

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