The Blue Coat School

Our design at Bluecoat School dramatically transformed a tired and dated dining room. The client wanted a stylish and modern look, so the venue had the wow-factor to attract external bookings, whilst also remaining child friendly to appeal to the students. To give more space we opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room and the overall feel was dramatically improved by forming three new glazed doors out to the courtyard and gardens.

Central serving counters now allow for the customers to easily move around the facility, reducing the need for long queues. LED mood lighting is strategically positioned to showcase the food and a splash of colour in the furniture, set amongst natural flooring and neutral wall colours creates a fun, child-friendly dining environment. Pupils sit on long tables which gives a sense of community and develops social dining skills. The serving counters are all mobile which enables them to be removed from the room when space is required for functions. 

When designing the kitchen, the aim was to create a more modern and functional place to work. All the existing cold rooms were stripped out and replaced with modern bespoke units with remote compressors and relocated from the main kitchen to a previously unused storeroom. We redesigned and relocated the main cooking island to create a more ergonomic workflow with updated equipment to improve efficiency.

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