Wildernesse Restaurant

We worked closely with the architect and main contractor, providing technical and practical solutions that helped achieve the clients conceptual vision of the restaurant.
Replacing a former 19th-century conservatory within a Grade II-listed country estate, the development by PegasusLife, was transformed into a new, modern retirement development. The Wilderness is a pavilion-like restaurant designed by architect, Morris & Company with the aim of forming the heart of this Kent retirement community. It sits at the centre of the estate and right next to the historical building. Creating strong visual connections was important for the architects. Timber vaults delicately reference the estate’s heritage and the colours were chosen to echo those of the listed elements on-site. The semi-precious nature of the outer metallic skin alludes to the delicacy of a traditional glasshouse, contrasting with the solid masonry plinth that ties the building back to the existing house.

The interior of the restaurant is bright and its filled with light with expansive views across the estate. It is a perfect spot to eat, socialise and relax, where residents can take in the striking natural views.

On this project there were several challenges that we all worked together to overcome. This included the need for hidden services and ventilation, which we successfully achieved by coordinating the M&E installation team and the structural engineers. We also had to work with some materials in a new way, that at times needed to defy the law of gravity. This project was a huge success with all organisations working together to create both the desired visual impact and a practical and functioning catering operation.

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