The rise of street food…


May 4, 2016

In recent years the rise of street food as been astronomical and has had a major influence on many high street and retail food outlets. The modern street food dining experience centres around communal gatherings and pop up venues to give diners a new experience when it comes to eating out, socialising and trying new flavours.

The era and generation of festivals and the high speed of living through the digital age has created the desire for a multitude of choice in one place. Diners are becoming much more sophisticated and are open minded to trying new cuisines and flavours in a modern and ‘hipster’ arena.

Street Feast have created street food arenas throughout London like Dinerama, Model Market and Hawker House. Venues have also popped up throughout the country such as The Kitchen in Manchester and the variety of food has grown with International flavours of vegetarian, vegan and meat cuisines enriching the palette of all generations.

Internationally, familiar high street brands including McDonalds are spreading their variety of offer in China and the U.K. has seen Leon bring street food dining to the high street and a more social experience. A definitive change in consumer activity and demand has forced the key players to embrace the trend and build elements of street food into their traditional menu’s.

Another key driver in the rise of street food is the demand for alternative and healthy drinks. A multitude of craft beer Brewers, small distillers of spirits like Warner Edwards gin are fuelling the demand for choice. This goes hand in hand with the wide and diverse range of flavours available when it comes to street food, diners are now looking for something fresh, something new, something that is not the ‘normal’ restaurant meal, served with the the same drinks offerings. Diners want to feel special, unique and fashionable when it comes to food and drink.

Street food markets give unique opportunity for food and beverage creatives to experiment and satisfy the modern demand. The eating out market continues to grow each year and the street food option has and will continue to spread.

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